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  1. Interesting to see how Evernote have lost the trust of their users - that'll undermine the product for months if not years. That's the price of not testing a new real ease adequately! I'm not using it now - might come back to it in a month or two, depends on what else is out there.
  2. Oh I get it! This is the latest, greatest ever version of Evernote but you can't write a note in it. Great! Go elsewhere now, sounds the best bet.
  3. How the hell do you open a new note and put text in it???!!! Is this a basic function of Evernote???!!! I added a new note to a notebook then it took me a minute of failed tries to manage to get a title typed in. Then I can't get a response to pressing Return, I can't find a way of either pasting text or typing text into the main body of the note. IS THIS AN UPGRADE???!!! What do I do to just create a note with text in it???!!!
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