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  1. As someone suggested, I reinstalled the "Evernote Legacy" version and have been using that successfully for the last month. I'll continue to do so as long as it's supported. Hopefully by the time it isn't, a new version with all of the features we depend on will be released.
  2. It worked! I have both and the legacy version is fully restored. I'll wait quite a while before trying the new version again.
  3. And, I discovered that I can no longer drag a bunch of pdfs into a Evernote notebook. I now have to do one file at a time. And moving multiple notes between notebooks is significantly slower. QUESTION: how difficult is it to restore to the previous version? I have over 11k notes and can't risk losing them.
  4. [Evernote for Mac] Yup. I can't open notes in tabs any more. Each note opens in a separate window. I have a mess of notes on the desktop. Come on Evernote. We didn't agree to be part of a Beta release.
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