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  1. Hello all, I've been a long time user of Evernote (like 6-7 year) but recently my premium expired and I'm debating whether or not I renew it. For years, I'd use a moleskine size notebook or livescribe which I'd either photograph or sync into evernote. I recently upgraded to an ipad pro with a stylus. Here is my problem: I work with customers A LOT and it requires both whiteboarding and note taking, but a large amount of pauses and follow up questions. Which would be fine, BUT my organization mandates my devices have a lock screen time of 5 minutes or less. So, what typically would happen (and I never realized it for like 6 months) is that I'd make a note with the apple pen into the evernote iOS app, talk with a customer, go back and it'd be gone when I opened up the app. I just assumed it was cached or saved somewhere - stupid me - I never checked. I'd be happy to pay for evernote premium again but this one is a deal killer for me if it doesn't save the notes. Does anyone know if this is something the latest apps do? I have tested and I don't think it does, but like I said I'm no longer on premium. FWIW - apple notes and other apps seem to do this, so it doesn't appear to be a problem with the ipad/ios portion of the system.
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