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  1. I have tried from both my iPad and Safari web browser to send a note to 3 different email addresses. None are going through. Is anyone else having this problem. I am also unable to copy and paste the contents of that note from Evernote into Word. What happened to the easiest note taking product on the market??? I am an experienced Evernote user, have proficiency on Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and a wide variety of desktop and web-based applications. Any and all feedback is appreciated . . . getting ready to leave Evernote for good, just not the same any more! Why would I even consider paying for a subscription, when the free version is unable to do the bare bones basics?
  2. I am so depressed by the way Evernote on my mac is not working! I conducted the recommended upgrade and the Evernote I used to love now sucks! I cannot even create new notes in existing folders. The only thing I can do is create "tags" for a note that I am unable to create. I have no idea what you did, but you have ruined what was a great cross platform, cross product app!
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