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  1. I'm a big time and long-time Evernote fan and user and haven't had anything to complain about over the years, but now I felt I had to sign up for the forums to comment on the new design. I can see how Evernote (especially the designers(?)) wants to align the design with Yosemite and whatever Apple is promoting or doing. However, Evernote is a productivity app that needs to focus on simplicity not in design but in ease of use and clarity. To me, everything looks too washed out and bleak, there is no distinction between areas and my eyes just wander across this wasteland of what was until recently an almost perfectly tuned user interface. Also on Mavericks and my monitor almost everything is just a bleak grey/tan color which seems to be even worse than what users on Yosemite (which I will never use since they've dropped support for 3rd-party SSDs) get. Personally I had to downgrade to 5.5.1 which has awesome UX with three clearly distinct sections that makes it clear where to focus. The leftmost dark/black section correctly almost fades out of ones consciousness and the actual notes with the card design (with proper edges) really highlights what is the content. Just my 2 cents, I hope Evernote will reconsider and revert to the old design. Until then I'm on 5.5.x which I use daily and really like.
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