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  1. Yes I had the fonts window open intensionally as I was trying to switch quickly between Arial (available in evernote) and Courier New (not available in evernote). I'm still seeing some slow downs after a prolonged period of having the app open with the font window closed however... My main issue is that sometimes there is a noticeable delay in keyboard input registering within the app.
  2. I previously though that I had figured out why evernote was being sluggish. I am running 6.0.3 on Yosemite 10.10.1 on a 2013 Macbook Air (8gb of ram). I am still encountering times when evernote gets really sluggish. I usually leave this app open because I am constantly using it. I have to restart it occasionally so that there is no keyboard lag. This is NOT a note reindexing issue. Plenty of time has passed since upgrading to 6.0 and a check through activity monitor doesn't show abnormal CPU activity for evernote (as you might expect if an app were indexing) Evernote is extremely important to my work flow and I need it working properly again!
  3. Thanks for the reply but actually reindexing wasn't the issue. For some reason having the text format window left open (the one that appears when you use the command-T shortcut) really slowed down evernote. I had left it open so I could easily continue changing fonts (to courier new for a programming class). Maybe this is a Yosemite issue but as long as I don't leave that window open for very long my performance went back to normal.
  4. Did something change in 6.0.2 from 6.0.1? Since upgrading (in the hopes that the UI changes would get better) I've noticed a HUGE drop in performance. If I quite evernote and restart things go back to normal for a few minutes but then evernote slows to a crawl and things like tabbing lists and changing fonts takes way too long. I've had some version of evernote 6.0 on my computer for days so the reindexing of my notes should be finished by now. I really hope the performance gets fixed soon! Edit: seriously even just moving the cursor with the arrow keys is slow enough to be annoying right now. This is on a 2013 Macbook Air with 8gb of ram and the upgraded processor. It was running fine on 6.0.1.
  5. Hi, I've never used these forums before but I wanted to provide some feedback since Evernote is probably one of my favorite apps! I agree with others that an increase in contrast in evernote is needed after the latest 6.0 update (I'm on 6.0.1) on Yosemite. The note itself does not have enough contrast. The boundary between the white note on a very light gray background is almost invisible on my computer (13" Macbook Air 2013 version). If the background gray color that is used for the evernote interface could be darkened a couple shades that would improve things greatly. I also don't need the "drag files here or just start typing" text in every new note. After the first time I upgrade that message can go away. I only use snippet view so I can't comment on list view. I personally don't have issues with transparency as it is applied in evernote and find the snippet view legible (but again too bright in color). If there could be a 'high contrast' option for the interface (with much darker colors for anything that isn't supposed to be white) it would be greatly appreciated. I would also add that I am loving other parts of this update particularly the changes you made to lists and I still love using evernote! Edit: just updated to 6.0.2. I now realize that the main issue with contrast is that not only the note/snippet side bar but also the background for the main note is transparent. The sidebar being transparent makes sense and is part of Apple UI guidelines. I haven't seen any other apps that insist on making the body of the app transparent too though. This is a mistake. If you have any other app open in the background (such as Safari) then the contrast on evernote decreases dramatically. The background for the main note should absolutely NOT be transparent. That will solve like 90% of complaints. Another option is you can use solid lines to demarcate the note canvas, and other important separators.
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