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  1. There is no question the App Store Evernote 6.0 release is an unmitigated disaster, but the fact Evernote development is already up to 6.0.2 mere days after 6.0 hit the App Store would seem to indicate they are at least trying to fix the worst failures as rapidly as possible. Unfortunately, the App Store approval process is not noted for its responsiveness, which greatly slows getting fixes out to App Store customers so the delays cannot be entirely blamed on Evernote. The unpopular UI changes on the other hand should have been discovered in beta testing and apparently either was not reported by beta testers or the reports were ignored. That can be laid squarely on Evernote's door step. Given Evernote 6.0 was completely unusable by many customers the developers were quite correct in focusing on getting the product functional and moving the UI issues to the back burner temporarily. Hopefully this royal mess will prompt Evernote to step further back and re-examine their entire design, development, and testing process to prevent a recurrence of this mess. Evernote 6.0 should never have been released, in fact 6.0.2 appears to be the version that should have been the first public release. Hopefully Evernote has learned from this and it will never ever be repeated.
  2. Try opening Evernote from another account on your Mac. If it opens normally in the other account then the problem is in your regular logon account, possibly the Evernote database is damaged/corrupted or some other application in your regular account is interfering with it. Lots of applications have to be updated for full compatibility with Yosemite and that could be part of the problem.
  3. Regardless of how you feel about the new GUI at least 6.0.2 runs on Yosemite, does not lose note titles, loads quite rapidly, and is usable. The App Store 6.0 version is so slow as to be completely unusable. That release should never have made it past the alpha test stage, much less beta testing.
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