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  1. +1 to add proper Boolean search
  2. I guess the current EN team and I have very different ideas of what kind of app EN should be. I have moved back to 6.25 and am preparing for the worst -- migrating my notes to another platform.
  3. I need to post internal (classic) note links (evernote:///...) not only to notes within Evernote but also to another application, namely MyLifeOrganized. I want to click such a link in MyLifeOrganized to open the corresponding note in the Windows desktop version of Evernote rather than the web app. With Evernote 10, I don't seem to be able to do this anymore.
  4. I have similar question. I would like to be able to use Scannable on an existing photo in the camera roll. Is it possible? Sometimes I have already taken a photo of something and later I realize that I would actually like to scan it into Evernote.
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