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  1. I'm rather late to the evernote party, even though I've had the app for a year and a half—I jumped in big time about 6 months ago. Then turned it up an extra notch with a GTD 'overhaul' which for about two weeks now has quite honestly revolutionized my workflow. In the last three weeks however my head has been spinning with updates, changes, blank notes, beta web, apple store issues, no download it from EN...glad to say everything is stable now. But I fear making this minor update (using 6.0.1 right now). Because if it resembes the web beta—that's just not usable for me. It's the ability to have 'expanded' tag lists on the left, drag and drop (over tags) note in a list in the centre and the selected note on the right that I can't do without. I use them but I'm not even in love with the mobile versions - as this functionality disappears there too. But my laptop is where I organize my time for the most part so the others are more slaves than anything else. Can anyone confirm or deny? Has the UE changed? Thanks!
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