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  1. I gave up on Penlessthanultimate and switched to Noteshelf. Easy and intuitive interface was up and running with it once I downloaded it. Still needs some new page d It make no sense what they did to the program - they sabotaged their own product with the 6.0 redesign, which is what it should be billed as, not an upgrade. It is anything but. I will continue to use EN, but really dislike the fact that I can't chose when I sync on my mobile devices.
  2. So...??? (Yawn) Good luck with that lawsuit. So much for adhering to your own advice about "rational posts" Miss Moderator. I would agree with the all the reviewers, and can't really believe you view this as "puffery." Look it up. This is a rational claim. Puffery and rational claims are miles apart. And it is purposely misleading. Or in corporatese, were they to be interviewed, they "misspoke." For a company whose life blood is to constantly changing things, from user interfaces to minor enhancements and bug fixes, it would not be hard for them to update their misleading ( since the word "lie" does not exist in the corporate world ) claim. EN gets no style points from me, nor does their behavior endear me to them. A brand cannot separate their behavior from their brand. More tarnish on a once nice product I made a part of my life. I once drank the Evernote Kool Aid, but nevermore. I wince every time I'm notified of an update.
  3. There is still huge disconnect between you "the Evernote visionary team" and the daily users, as evident by your scrapping the analog notebook visual metaphors (and notebooks) for some multi-colored saucers / circles that make no sense whatsoever. That strong of a departure really signals the demise of handwriting rather than reinforce it. I have not opened it since I downloaded the errant version. Handwriting is something that is easy, fluid and simple. Though your new interface is simple, it's neither intuitive nor user friendly. I've never had to relearn how to use a piece of paper. Now with your ridiculous UI design I'm being made to- a monumental waste of my time. It really show disdain to all those who paid for the app. Please give us back the old interface. I'll even pay for it again. And fire the team leader who came up with this crock of an update.
  4. Wow, like all software that's user friendly, and intuitive, and simple, the geeks ***** it up and over complicate it. I guess they do it for their job security. Happened with Instagram, and now with penultimate. You should not categorize this and an update, it's a complete redesign, and all the simplicity of the previous version is gone in your decisions to over-complicate a good app. I use it for music writing and coordinate that with Evernote. Really dislike the new interface, and the time I'll have to waste learning this new overhaul instead of spending my time creating and writing. I would give the penultimate team a big fat F for their lack of vision, lack of continuity of simplicity that to me is the hallmark of the Evernote group of apps. The analog world that was so prominent in the previous version was trashed for some graphic dots. Sheez. If something's not broke, why try to fix it?
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