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  1. Good news : I just received a reply that issue is resolved and I go to my evernote , confirm it becomes premium version. I would likes to thanks everyone who help to solve this issue . thanks you! Now I summary some tips for anyone who encounter same issue . How to reduce resolve time (mainly allow support to know more detail ) , because support may overwhelming by lots of mail so you need to let them know which one is urgent ( I believe Money related issue should be always urgent ) 1. open a service ticket and provide the following information (a) your evernote ID which purchase premium version ( when and how to purchase the premium version (ex: purchase in-app, or in iTunes ) © iTunes(or google play) payment record , screen capture is better (I am not sure google play will provide or not, in iTunes, when purchase through iTune or in-app purchase), Apple should send a mail to your iTunes registered mailbox ) (d) if you have multiple evernote ID, provide it too, so support can check if system mistakely add to wrong account (of coz, tell support which ID you want to be premium version) 2. Come to this forum , and submit a POST in this forum with the issue description and Ticket number
  2. Hi, Nancy and Scott : thanks for your response I do attached the payment information screen capture when I raise the ticket ,By the way, my apology that I typo the Ticket# , it should be #839447 (miss one number, which I corrected in my first post ) hope this can be resolve soon because I am losing everyday's premium usage after I paid the money.
  3. Hi, everyone (and anyone who is in evernote support team if you can see this ) today, I purchased the premium version in my iPhone , iTunes account record shows my payment is successfully, but still , all my evernote(in iPhone, in PC) are still free version. I check the knowledge base says it may wait up to 4 hours to sync , however I wait more than 12 hours, it is still free version. I also check my registered mailbox , there is no any premium key send to my mailbox. so it clearly something wrong with the payment between iTunes and evernote's accounting system. Is anyone encounter similar issue that happened to me ? I also raise a service ticket#839447 but I don't know how long it will take for evernote team to look at and resolve my issue. :-( 2014/11/27 : correct the ticket number to #839447 due to my typo
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