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  1. It will be nice if we have possibility to drag/move bullet list, numeric list or code blocks UP or DOWN in the Note. As we can do with images or attached documents.
  2. Tabs are available in Mojave and previous version of MacOS.
  3. Thanks for your reply, I installed Evernote Beta and waiting for fix Please file one bug for "trash" and "remind me" buttons, it is better to have them in next version customised. Lots of people including me don't like to dig in the menus...
  4. I also submitted a bug with attached activity log. It was before day or two.
  5. No, it is not my notebook name, the name is is long only 3 chars. Also you can see that other people hit the same issue... I'm switching now to devel edition, to check if the problem still exists. Evernote team must replace their UX designer with someone else...
  6. When I type a text and note is syncing there is noticed lag when characters are displayed... I'm with Mac OS Mojave, MPB core i7...
  7. Very clean :), now I can't see my Notebook name... @Rich Collyer
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