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  1. Hi there, I'm a customer and I'd like to find out more about your company's energy consumption and source, and the efforts being made to transition to clean energy. Can you please provide more information on the energy company that powers your offices and your data centers? Can you point me to a company policy that would indicate that you're working towards achieving 100% clean energy use? And are there any efforts being made to improve energy efficiency? Thanks for your help. Andrew
  2. 6.0.2 fixed it. Gonna give it a try. Not the biggest fan of the new UI, but change is always funky
  3. You have a major issue with your new mac thick client. i don't know if there are yosemite dependencies but i downloaded it, not having upgraded to yosemite, and it does not work at all. i cannot access notes. they don't show up, they can't be edited unless you perform a specific pattern of clicks, but then you've started unknowingly editing your notes that you cannot undo and its awful. please investigate and advise your mac clients on what to do because it was so frustrating and i had to revert back to the old version and reedit a ton of my notes with parts that i had lost. a terrible experience.
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