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  1. Well spoken Mr. Parker. I can add that I have just found another failure in the Danish version (besides the hopeless translations like: "Me press button"..etc.): I used partly clipping and saved a note. Gave it a headline and then syncronised the note. Wanted to print it, but cancelled when I came to the printing window. Then the headline disappeared..! I tried it repeatedly and it “works” every time…Good heavens. Ironically the note I wanted to save was “How to Completey Remove and Reinstall EN Mac”. Maybe that's the reason for the "sabotage".../Frank Undall
  2. It has been this way forever. There has never been a way to privately share an entire notebook with a non-evernote user, such within an email message. Was thinking of a note, not a whole notebook. But it is so trendy to share everything nowadays that the developers/executives have decided to jump that horse to. I do not recent the possibility, but don't make my life more difficult because of a trend...
  3. Thanks to everyone for helping my out of this unnecessary question - should be unnecessary at least. That just saved Evernote from losing a Premium client. However, I have to understate that it is a very non-intuitive place to stick this important feature. This is at least one more click than before, and I do absolutely not understand why the email button has left it’s place. It would be logic to keep it with all other share buttons... :-/ At least it made me angry on the chat-part, so I will probably never use that facility, and it also made me aware that I have to have a backup of everything stored on Evernote. You have made yourself a crack in a previously very charming armor... /Frank The easiest way to get to it is to right-click on a note and choose "More Sharing…" — "Email Note…" is at the bottom.
  4. correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that a serious limitation compared to the previous version. If receivers of emailed/shared stuff has to open an account I'm off this app for good..!
  5. I run Evernote for Mac 6 on my iMac and MacBook Air, and on iPad 4 and iPhone 6+ Exploring the new version on my iMac made me think whether I've gone blind or not: where is the "Send Mail" button..? Some developers think that everyone wants to share everything on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but we are many more that runs a business and DO NOT want to share a whole folder or just a single note with dozens of people. Give me back my "Email to"-button or tell me where you have buried it, so I can work with people, who does not use Evernote or FB, Twitter or any other social media..!
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