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  1. I had been grandfathered for years but for some reason my account randomly "purchased" Premium in November 2020 by itself. My renewal date is in July which I had paid for already so it makes no sense for my account to take any action. I also put "purchased" in quotes because I wasn't actually charged anything and every month since I've been receiving payment failed notifications. I'm trying to sort this out with support but they don't seem to get it. They just tell me I'm premium now and can't do anything. Still don't know why it even happened. I'm looking to possibly switch now, since the only real features I use are multiple device sync and offline notebooks. Totally not worth going from $35/year to $95/year when I don't even use the other premium features. Getting rid of the Plus plan was so dumb.
  2. Right now the same sorting method applies to all notebooks. But some notebooks I want to see by creation date, some by update date.
  3. Not really Android, but since it's Google related - how about an update to the ancient Chrome Web App? I bought a Chromebook specifically for productivity and with Evernote in mind, but the Chrome web app is so out of date that it displays everything too small and lacks a lot of formatting options. I've run into a few notes that were opened with warnings because of formatting issues. This app hasn't been updated in 2 years! Neglected for way too long. Currently I am using the web version of Evernote just so I can have a legible version of my notes, but I can't use that offline and that's also missing some formatting options like highlighting. Not to mention the sync issues with the web version too...
  4. After browsing a few of the other threads here, it looks like the 4K small app/font size issue is taken care of (at least on my computer), but the formatting is still not good yet. For example, underlining a sentence will put a 1 pixel line underneath. On a 1080p screen, this is visible. On a 4K screen this line is still 1 pixel thick, but nearly impossible to see since this pixel is 75% thinner. Changing my display settings to display 1080p or trying to zoom actually doesn't fix this issue - it still shows a 1 pixel thickness line. It should really be 4 pixels thick on a 4k screen
  5. At last the zooming option is here! I needed this because I use Evernote across many different devices and the fonts and sizes are inconsistent between them. But alas I've encountered a bug! I have two notes with the same fonts and font sizes. On my Mac, I zoomed in on "Note A" to 120%. When I switch over to my Windows machine, Note A is still zoomed in, but now it's the default zoom on Windows. When I change the zoom back to 80% (which isn't perfect because 120% * 80% =/= 100%), leave the note and come back, it still goes back to 120% default. Note B shows the same font and font size as Note A, but is not zoomed in. Anyone else experiencing this? Attached is a screen clip. Note A is on the right, which I zoomed in on on my Mac. Both notes are set to default zoom in Windows
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