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  1. I have already gone from 6.0 to 6.01 and did a full uninstall rather than upgrade. I didn't follow the example shown but i did remove all data files and program files off my machine and download 6.01 from scratch. I have done this again just to be certain but i'm not convinced due to already loosing a couple of note titles earlier today. Thanks for the quick reply
  2. Hi, not been using EN too long but long enough to get to grips with it and require a Premium account. However, on many instances when look at a note or open something from within an attachment, the Note reverts to being called 'Untitled'. At first i thought it was maybe me accidentally being a bit quick on the keyboard but i have been extra careful over the weekend and it is still doing it. Its very annoying, particularly when a note is just a title, for example a reminder as then you have no content to jog your memory on what it should be. I have searched the forum and some say upgrade from the App Store version 6 to the web version 6..01 which i have done but it is still happening (and if this is a flaw in 6.0 then surely 6.0 should be replaced quickly with 6.01), but its still happening. Lost a bit of confidence due to fact i have had a couple of notes revert to 'untitled' and i cannot remember what they were. Any help or steer would be great. Thanks all Barry
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