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  1. Help! I need to get the crop option back in the annotation tool within Evernote. It used to be there, but with an update the cropping function was lost. This is very annoying. I am running Evernote version 6.0.6 on a Mac running OS X version 10.9.5.
  2. Hi Spam Apprentice, Sure. I think that teachers would like to eliminate aspects of Evernote that might potentially distract from their students' learning. Students are encouraged to use Evernote in the classroom as a note-taking device, and they are not using it as a collaborative tool (although they might if they wish). The Chat function on Evernote has no added benefit in their opinion, since students have been using it only to chat about unrelated topics. Teachers are trying to help students use technology in appropriate ways, and see this addition as unnecessary and as yet another potential distraction that they have to help students manage. I don't question the fact that it might be useful in some realms, but in this case, it has no added value from a teacher's point of view.
  3. My school uses Evernote in the classroom and the Chat feature is a disastrous addition from an educational standpoint. Middle school teachers are particularly irked by this addition, since it is very distracting for students. Please give admins the right to disable this feature in their business account profiles. This is a highly disappointing addition, considering we just introduced this to our teachers and they are only now getting used to Evernote as a tool in their classroom.
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