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  1. This is just PR BS. Guys, you are so unprofessional amateurs. You talking in this video about reliability and in the same time without any testing you are releasing buggy as hell Android app that crashes every time.
  2. Please vote? I'm sorry, but this is absurd. This is basic functionality, and lack of it is ridiculous.
  3. I want to heare about Password Protected Notebooks or at least about PIN code for desktop app! I have small business and I manage my clients in Evernote, i'm using it as CRM and for other work-related stuff. But I also using Evernote for my personal stuff including health, finance. And inability to password protect notebooks makes me nervous.
  4. Yep. Changes like grey fonts on grey background in menus. Yes, this changes also frustrate me, but they're not about features.
  5. I love Evernote. I am using it since 2009. It's a program that help me so much. I can't live without it. But it's so frustrating to see that evernote team doing nothing to improve this program. I mean really, basic user experience didn't change since 2009. Probably, the only useful feature added to core experience (taking and organizing notes) was notebook stacks. Recently, I read article that said that problem with Evernote is too many features, so average user using only 5% of them and as result Evernote has no clear core experience. I don't agree with that. I believe that Evernote problem is a lack of features that users asked for years - read only mode for notes, better note editor, password protection, color coding of notes and etc. I mean Evernote team added a lot of features, but all of them has nothing to do with core experience (taking and organizing notes) - presentation mode, work chat and other pointless junk like that.
  6. In new iOS 9.3 Beta Apple add ability to password protect notes in Apple Notes. So, even Apple, company that focused on simplicity, realized that this is basic functionality for note taking app. And off course, MS OneNote has this ability for more than a decade. When Evernote team will realize that lack of password protection on notes is a shame and disgrace for note taking application that position itself as an app for productive professionals?
  7. Thanks for your replay and work at Evernote! You are doing great job! I'm glad to hear that you think about this option! First of all, I want to illustrate the user case when additional protection is needed. Example: I'm dating a girl. We are watching together some funny YouTube videos on my laptop, then i'm going to restroom and leave her with my laptop (locking laptop or asking her enter in guest mode will be weird in this situation) and in this moment I feel uncomfortable knowing that on this laptop in my Evernote exist notebooks called ADHD and PUA (). Logging out for me not convenient enough: - it doesn't happens automatically; - logging in doesn't work offline, when PIN on iOS does; - it takes time to enter every time my long and secure password with numbers letters and symbols, when 4 digit PIN is a lot faster to enter.
  8. This option is helpful, but not convenient enough. Sign in/off for data protection requires that you should be paranoid about it - you need constantly to remember log off every time. I don't store in Evernote government secrets, I don't need serious encryption and I don't want really thinking about it all the time. What I need is convenient option to protect my medical and financial notebooks from the eyes of my friends and coworkers without losing easiness of access to other notebooks.
  9. OMG. Thanks. This actually works. I believe in a past it worked diffrently. When you loged off and then log in again all your notes downloaded again.But I can be wrong about. But, anyway PIN would be better solution, because if you are using very strong password it's easier to log in using PIN, also you need to remember to log off every time when on mobile apps with PIN this is happens automatically. But best solution for privacy will be password protected Notebooks and Notes, but it seems to me that evernote team strongly opposed to this idea.
  10. I would like to have option to set PIN code for Evernote app for Mac. Same as on iPad. I don't understand why you treat laptop and tablet diffrently. I share my laptop with coworker, freinds even more than my tablet and it would be nice to have option to protect my "second brain" not only on my android and iPad but on my laptop too.
  11. Personally, I fed up with Evernote. Version 6 and 6.03 is app that can be released only by folks without brain. I decided to delete it from my Mac and move to Google Keep for fast note taking and to OneNote for professional notes. This move will be hard for me because Evernote become important part of my workflow, so i will use evernote web in time of this transition. I can't trust my data to company with so unprofessional team.
  12. I found another bug in terrible version 6 (from Mac Store and in direct 6.03). In Finder in context menu
  13. Completely agree! Evernote 6 is disaster. Everything about this app is wrong. I remember when Google released some Gmail update for iOS and found bug after release, they immediately removed it from app store. I don't understand why Evernote keep this version in App Store.
  14. There are bugs on Mavericks. Not only terrible look. For example, sometimes I just can't select notebook, or tag (and it seems that it is different issue than empty notes). In this case I need to restart app. Another bug it's change of notes title to untitled.
  15. Thanks! I reboot my mac and it help. Now I can see my notes. But still, i hate this version. It's so painful for my eyes and it have so bad, ugly look. Grey fonts on grey background what they (designers) thinking?
  16. Same issue. I can't see my notes. I really don't understand how such ugly and broken version can be released to Mac app store. Did you guys even using your own product? It seems like developers do not using it at all, because even ten minutes of work with Evernote 6 is enough to know that is full of bugs and have terrible design, completely unproductive, ugly and difficult to use. I love evernote and using it every day for more than 5 years, this is why this release was shocked to me, it looks like designers and developers of this version are irresponsible and completely clueless about productivity and real work.
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