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  1. two problema (for me) re fixes above -- Webview -- when I go to Play Store it says "disabled" -- however it's not in my list of apps -- so how do I enable? Evernote is showing as 8.2 in my phone "no further updates available" -- however Google Play shows as 8.3 -- but says "installed"? Do I have to uninstall from phone and reinstall? Thanks
  2. I have a similar but slightly different issue -- Evernote opens, I can see the note I want, and there is content in the "preview" -- but when I open the note it's BLANK. Copying the note results in another BLANK note (but still shows data in preview). Data DOES open on computer. Have tried syncing to no avail. I have not tried reloading the app, which is I guess the next step -- tho why that should be required is a little questionable. It is SUPER AGGRAVATING that Evernote makes it IMPOSSIBLE to report this to THEM. I am at the point of abandoning what has been one of my favorite apps over this. I was an early adopter, and to not be able to report my first issue in 5 + years is just incomprehensible. Sorry to vent, but I'm hoping someone at Evernote actually monitors some of these forums. So aside from the immediate issue -- if anyone can recommend an alternative, I'll vote with my feet -- since that's the ONLY feedback I'm allowed.
  3. Jess -- Evernote also updated recently, and I'm entering a previous note to edit by clicking on the round pen icon -- as far as I can tell, it's the ONLY way to edit a prior note. So -- Open prior note click on pen icon (edit) back erase a line in note write new line in note click to save/close message says "saving" note still shows old text Just retried today -- and still a problem.
  4. I am having this same frustrating issue. Not onlybwill edits of the note not take, but even deleting that portion of the note will not take. Since this note was entirely created in Evernote it is not 3 rd party issue. I do wonder if its due to the recent update of android, in which case as it rolls out you will have ever greater issues. I am about ready to look for a new app. Evernote used to have customer service. Now it doesn't.
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