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  1. I upgraded to 6.0 (app store version) with Yosemite and an current 13" MacBook with Retina display. I was having the problem where my notes would take a minute to appear in the edit pane (the card/preview pane view was fine). And then when they did appear in the edit pane, they were uneditable. And from the comments I've seen on the Canadian App Store, lots of people are having this same problem. This WAS NOT an indexing issue. Or if it is, the indexing feature must be horrid, because I have a sum total of 30 notes in Evernote - most of which are plain text with a few graphics here and there. I let things sit overnight and 24 hours later the same problem recurred. Luckily, I waded through the comments here to find that somebody suggesting rebooting. This cured the problem for me. I would really suggest that someone create a sticky at the top of this post with this fix, or even better, update the app store release to fix this problem. I'm a relatively new user and seeing the update basically render the app unusable, had me very close to deleting it and finding another option. Still, you think something like this would have been tested first....
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