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  1. This morning, all my notes (except 27) have disapeared. Of course, I am traveling without access to my computer so cannot see integrity of data desktop or via browser. I did update to latest iOS recently. Note on support says it may be a week before I receive an answer due to high requests. I am a 10 year Premium user. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  2. I HATE, HATE the new Evernote for Mac. I have been a Premium user for years and just this weekend I was thanking goodness that I had at least one app that was perfect and made my life easier. In fact, Evernote is indispensable and I have years of data. I depend on it. It is now virtually unusable. It is absolutely ghastly for all the reasons others are mentioning above. Horrid interface with no contrast, light type, no more discrete columns. Also, any webpage or article that I have clipped in now not viewable in its entirety. You have to scroll back and forth to read the note. How can I downgrade to 5?
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