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  1. You expect us to be grateful for this worthless update to the botched re-working of Penultimate? As of right now, all I know is an app that I depended on for work was re-introduced without warning, to useless, completely dysfunctional app. After this update I decided to keep my faith that Evernote would realize its mistake and quickly backtrack to the previous (functional) version. Now with the new update, the app doesn't even perform its most basic functionalities. I'm using the app on iOS 8 with an iPad Air and the thing crashes, loses my notes (I just spent an hour taking notes on something and had the app crash, only to lose everything I had written today). I'm a premium customer, and I am very seriously considering calling off my dependence on Evernote. What are they going to decide to "update" next? What if I can't access my important documents in Evernote? Did you even open this app on an iPad before releasing it? What kind of irresponsible people are working at this company? You need to fix this, Evernote. The survival of your company (and the loyalty of your customers) depends on it......
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