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  1. Agreed- presentation mode is absolutely invaluable in the classroom and is the only reason I still use Evernote. Please restore it
  2. Fair enough, but I don't think the balance is right- there seems to be too much emphasis on developing new features (that don't always seem to be as well thought through as they might be), and not enough on getting what they have to work as well as it should, which is where they should do more to understand how users are using EN and to listen to them. ENs existing user base are their best marketing tool so they really ought to do more to show they are listening to them, it would give users more confidence in the product ultimately.
  3. But why should I have to use a several-step process to do something that I should be able to do in Evernote with one click? If Evernote provides a function, that function has to be at least usable otherwise it's just a marketing sop to entice people to use the software. Many users have complained over a number of years that the recording quality in OSx is not fit for any purpose. This cannot be a difficult thing for the programming team to tweak, so presumably they can't be bothered, or do not see that this limitation is actually turning away a very large user base whose particular use for EN
  4. I've now realised the changing recording formats I'm seeing are explained by the difference in the way recordings are handled in OS X and iOS versions, so the quality hasn't dropped as such- its just always been lousy on OS X! So all recordings in future will be done on my iPad or iPhone, they just sound so much better!
  5. Thanks for the reply. I am Premium, so it's not that. I just think it is strange that there has been such a big drop in quality for no apparent reason. I know everyone uses EN in different ways but if a function is provided why degrade it to the point it's not really worth having? I have now raised it with someone at support, anyway.
  6. ...and my older recordings are m4a whereas newer ones are uncompressed wavs which seems strange- is there not a setting in my macbook which is dictating this? The KB entry notes that as a Premium user I can record a file of 100MB per note- at the rate it is currently recording at that is an awfully long recording!
  7. Thanks. On investigating further the recording quality has been significantly lessened at some point recently. I notice that a 1 minute recording I saved last year was about 500K in size, with a bit rate of 64kbps and sample rate of 44.1khz- perfectly adequate quality- and one saved today of about the same length was 101k in size, and shows a bit rate of 13kbps and sample rate of 8kHz! Recordings are such bad quality now as to be almost unusable. I am a music teacher and keep class records on EN and it is really useful to quickly record and save students work in progress- I don't really want t
  8. The ability to record audio straight to a note is great but they are really low quality audio files. Is there a way of changing the recording settings?
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