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  1. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/61841-prevent-auto-conversion-of-dumb-quote-to-smart-quote/#entry285437 That advice will help some users. But if you're a writer, you may want smart quotes in other programs where they work right, so disabling them system-wide to overcome Evernote bugs is not as good a solution as Evernote adding the option to disable them in the program.
  2. Ah, I found it! Shift-Command-] indents, Shift-Command-[ unindents.
  3. In the Mac client, I cannot find a way to indent paragraphs. In my notes, I often indent paragraphs, like this one, which serve as examples or contain program code snippiets. How odd that I can indent here in the help forums, but not in my own notes created with the latest Mac client. Please consider adding the ability to indent and and unindent paragraphs. Either a widget on the toolbar (as in older versions of the Mac client) or the use of the Command-] and Command-[ shortcuts will do. If you really want to be nice, when a paragraph has been selected by the user, make the tab key indent and shift-tab unindent.
  4. Evernote surely relies on Apple's Cocoa Text System for things like smart quotes and dashes, etc. But the Cocoa Text System doesn't always get it right, and sometimes quotes curl the wrong way. Fixing them in Evernote is quite a battle, because as you change one, a preceding one may change automatically. Also, if you are a programmer and paste in program snippets for future use, Evernote introduces errors by curling quotes automatically even though they should just be left alone. Typically programs allow users to turn off substitutions like smart quotes, but the Evernote mac client currently does not. Please add the ability to disable Smart Quotes.
  5. I agree. The previous version of Evernote for Mac was beautiful. With Yosemite, Apple changed to a new design that they will refine over time, but right now it's too ugly to slavishly copy the way the new Evernote has done. Areas of the screen aren't differentiated well, everything looks drab, and the thin-line monochrome icons for buttons and things are just ugly (as are Apple's button icons on iOS and Yosemite).
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