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  1. The process "Evernote helper(Renderer)" once a while with high frequency occupy CPU high, from installing the new evernote 10 on, my battery behave about half than before, and feel the slow system response obviously, really annoying for doing my work with high dependency with evernote, finally I installed back to the evernote legacy, the battery is back and the fan become quite again, hooray! my use case is: keep 5 or 6 notes opened in the background at usual time for editing quickly convenient purpose , about 14488 notes in the repo.... if any info needed to debug, would love to offer as possible as i can, hope this great app can last its high-efficiency feature mbp(2015, 16GB ram, macOS Mojave)
  2. Hi- I found when typing more and more text in the same note, it becomes laggy and no response sometimes, because I write long content note often, hope this can be improved, thanks :)
  3. Hi~ Lately , I upgrate my evernote for mac, found the notes with images snapped by quick note function all become icon (please see attached files), and I click the eye button, it show "no items selected" , I have to download the image (with file extension tiff) to see these image , so inconvenient~ Could it be improved to show these images automatically when viewing these notes? please.... thanks for your effort to offering such wonderful product~
  4. Pretty sad, no~ , I found my notes token before also have the same situation, it become icons, not visible image any more, I thinks it's just a switch could be turn on/off by Evernote engineer, please turn on it for better viewing experience if any evernote developer see this post, thanks very much~~~
  5. Hi I have this problem recently when updating evernote, I used to use Quick Note to paste the images to note what I see on screen, recently those images I pasted all become icon , not showing as a image. It's strange those image icon showing that they are TIFF type, not png or jpg. I really need them to be shown as images, and not a icon with a view button, because it is not so easy to recognize what you have noted at that time. please let it be back to the old showing style if you could, thanks a lot~
  6. @gazumped Here is the bug note which I saved as @JMichaelTX instructed... I always use mouse the select content which I want and use cmd + ctrl + V to paste to Evernote, but always got "Sync Error" (Cound not sync note 'Untitled'. The content is invalid.) , just don't know why, because it naver happen days before, and now it did every time I copy content from safari browser on macbook pro, no matter I deleted Evernote and reinstall it again and again... Thanks bug.enex.zip
  7. I have the same bug, too. popping up the invalid content error message when pasting content from browser always cause this error.
  8. May I ask for a feature for quick note? That is to add tagging function so that our quick note can be classified quickly after it being saved, This really help us classify note quickly as the Evernote's core idea said.... Thanks very much ~
  9. Hi, The quick note is very good to memorize the sudden idea appeared in the brain, could it be added functionality of tagging so that we can sort the note more quickly~ please....
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