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  1. Thanks Jess & Theresa, I've upgraded Evernote and will be sure to post any future issues along with as much detail around the situation as I am able.
  2. Hi Theresa, It only happened while I was offline, with wifi active but no recognized hot spot nearby. When I hit 'done' I got a message pop up saying "message not saved" or something to that effect, it was the same message that you get if you hit 'done' without editing a note. To answer your questions; - It occured several times on the same note, but editing has worked since I returned to my office. - I didn't try it in any other notes. - The note in question is one that I had created several days prior, then edited/added to on the day. Once I hit 'done' the note basically reverted back to where it had been before the day's additions. - I had created the note myself on the same platform (an Android Tablet) that I encountered the issue with, though it had been synced with a PC previously if that counts for something.
  3. Using Evernote on an Android Tablet I had a similar issue - an entire mornings meeting notes were lost entirely once I hit 'done'. I don't know if the fact I was offline at the time was relevant, but this was extremely inconvenient as the meeting is not one I can reproduce.
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