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  1. I like the chat feature, but I would like it to be separated/complimentary to the sharing feature. I would prefer the sharing feature be the primary vehicle and then if people wanted to 'chat' around a particular note or notebook, that would be functional. Right now, the blended function does not allow discrete discussions around the shared notebook or content, which limits the value of the chat feature. Further, I agree with others-- sharing is NOT the same as chatting in concept or in action.
  2. I would like to have a customizable toolbar as well. This would be an extremely useful feature for me. I do a lot of text formatting in my notes, and I would want to have more of the text formatting icons in my toolbar.
  3. I am also having this problem. I have exchanged many chats. Profile photo is loaded, but no photo seen in chats on desktop version.
  4. I signed in just to chime in here. The color scheme is really really hard to work with and decreases the overall usability of the application, particularly for those of us with mild vision problems. The color contrast before was very warm and I actually liked working in the application. Now I don't like it. Since I am paying for the premium service, it would be very nice to have a choice of color schemes to choose from for both the background desktop and the notebooks and stacks themselves. At a very minimum, please at least go back to the old color scheme or make that an option.
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