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  1. Hi All, Need advice on Best Practice with Evernote. What should I do once I'm done with a note. Do I delete and get rid or is best practice to archive? What are the recommendations around archiving in evernote? Thanks Adam.
  2. Hi All When emailing into Evernote I find my emails ending up in a random Notebook instead of going into my 'Inbox' Why is this and how do I ensure all emails going into Evernote go into one notebook? Thanks Adam.
  3. Hi All, I wanted to use Evernote for my daily To-Do and Tasks List but haven't found out how with Evernote. I use the Mac App but want to review my To-Do's on iPad and iPhone apps. I'm currently finding myself using the Things app but want to migrate in full to Evernote Any advice or tips? Thanks Adam.
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