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  1. You are correct it will suggest tags with same beginning letter(s) after typing, for web and installed versions on PC. (I just downloaded beta web). But unless you recall first letter of tag you are looking for, you are lost vs picking from drop down total list in android. How do I suggest change to developers?
  2. On my android phone when composing a new note it is easy to select an existing tag by tapping the tag icon and getting a drop down of all existing tags. On my PC running vista, neither the installed version of Evernote or web browser version on Chrome gives me this drop down. I just get an empty box and can type in a new tag but if I am trying to use existing tag I do not see the existing tags. Am I missing something?
  3. Thanks Frank, you hit problem, title text pulling from calender or location. Gal S5
  4. Sometimes when i start a new note the title is populated with text from i don't know where - perhaps another app? How can I get this automatic text out of the title of future notes?
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