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  1. D. T. Low said: That's good to know I do accept I can use the desktop client to encrypt text in an individual note without EN holding the keys, but who holds the encryption keys to everything else? I can't see anything in the Blog which says anyone other than Google, although since it is pretty technical I am happy to accept I may be missing something.
  2. I'm a bit intrigued by "encryption at rest". Does this mean that Google, a company which has a pretty relaxed attitude to privacy, is unable to scan our notes for profiling purposes? I too would like EN to adopt full end to end encryption of notes, possibly on an individual notebook basis or even on an account basis. That would be a real selling point compared to the competition.
  3. Agree and TBH I don't store anything of serious personal value in Evernote. That's not to say I wouldn't miss it if it went astray. I'm with the others on here. EN should be concentrating on things users want, improved UI and Desktop apps and above all, end-to-end encryption. Even the ability to encrypt individual notebooks with EN holding the keys as an interim step would be better than what we have now. This could be a marketing feature - "we believe your data is yours and take all necessary steps to protect it". Clear and unambiguous. Given the connections with Google I can't help but wonder if this is paving the way for a sale to Google. Aggregate all the information and Google grows yet more powerful. Incidentally you can import EN data into DevonThink Pro. http://www.devontechnologies.com/products/devonthink/overview.html Overkill for most folks but it is a way out although you do mostly have to rely on DropBox or Box for sync purposes. I think you can use WebDAV as well so you may be able to set up your own server using a Synology or QNAP NAS box.
  4. What makes you think Microsoft don't do the same thing with OneNote and scan notes for information? Given Win10's cavalier approach to privacy I wouldn't trust MS any more than Evernote.
  5. You can revert. You just need to uninstall, make sure your database is wiped (this assumes 100% of your notes were sync'd and you didn't have offline notebooks), and install 5 then wait for it to pull your stuff back down. Your database can be found by selecting Evernote|About Evernote from the menu, press the option key, then click the database link that shows up. Backup twice just to be safe, but I've done this a gazillion times over the last few years when a beta went awry or my db got corrupt. As much as I LOVE to hate evernote, there is nothing like it. I use OneNote at work but it is used very differently and I'd absolutely hate it for what I use Evernote for. OneNote is a simpler version of Word that uses pages instead of file names. Thanks for the tip - I'll give it a go, although it looks as though I might lose some of the new features, not that I think that will make much difference in my case. I certainly don't hate Evernote and agree there really is nothing quite like it. It's just that the Ive inspired 'flat' look of grey text on a grey background does my eyes in. I've tried tweaking brightness and contrast on my 2013 MB Air without much success. I had wondered whether to use something like Color Munki to calibrate the screen and possibly achieve greater contrast in the grey areas. Takes me back to my old photography days - more contrast in the shadow areas without burning out the highlights.... Evernote seem to have slavishly adopted Apple's design guide when they'd do better to throw parts of it in the bin, or at least give us the option to revert to the earlier display style. I really can't see what they have to lose. To be fair they aren't the only ones, although El Cap does seem to have made some slight improvement over Yosemite,
  6. I've just upgraded to the latest V6.2 Big mistake since it is impossible to revert to the last of the 5.x series. Regarding the UI the best I can say is that it's not quite as bad as the early v6, but why do Evernote have to slavishly adopt Apple's design conventions in their entirety? No matter how you tweak it, grey text on a grey background is difficult to read especially with the system font that Ive has decreed should be used. Whilst I like Evernote I'm reluctantly looking at how to get notes out of Evernote and into something else, since reading them is becoming tiring on my eyes. It's not simply Evernote the whole Mac UI 'flat look' is making me evaluate Windows or possibly Linux as alternatives. The export options appear limited unless there are any scripts anywhere that offer different formats for bulk export. Anyone any ideas?
  7. Thanks for the replies. Regarding large notes I wondered if it might be the case that they became'read only'. As for moving to something else, I can't see that happening while Evernote continues to serve my needs and doesn't do stupid things like inserting ads into notes. However, experience over the years has taught me to look for the exit before getting too involved...
  8. If I upgrade to EN Premium I can create a much larger note size so I can use larger images/more text. If I then, for whatever reason wish to go back to EN Free, what happens to these larger notes? Are they deleted or simply not displayed? I can export my notes in Evernote XML ( .enex) format. Can these be imported into anything else like (say) MS OneNote? Not sure why I'd want to do that, but would like to know if it's possible.
  9. I've tried downgrading but I think there must be some underlying database changes which make it impossible. I tried and got a message to the effect that the database was now controlled by a different version (=v6) so either I missed something, or V6 sets a flag on EN's server that makes it impossible to downgrade. EDIT: Well after a lot of faffing about I've manage to downgrade to Mac version 5.7.2 which I think was the last one prior to V6. So far all seems good. I'll wait and see whether the Evernote team come up with any customisations to improve the UI in V6. Getting into EN is easy, getting your stuff out is something else.
  10. Personally I dislike Yosemite with a passion. Lack of contrast and poor font choice, make it unusable for me except for short periods. I downgraded back to Mavericks. The app developer will fit their apps to the new look and feel, but that doesn't preclude them providing customisable options; different font/size, background, etc even if the range of options is limited. The developer does need to consider those who have less than 20/20 vision. In the case of Evernote 6 it would be good if you could downgrade to V5, but there seem to be some underlying database changes that make it impossible, unless someone knows a way of doing it on a Mac.
  11. Looks like there's a lot of people who agree with me - the new look of Evernote 6 is awful especially on the Mac version. I appreciate some of this is due to the unappealing Yosemite interface, but even so I'm sure different choices could have been made. Frankly the lack of contrast, together with the small text size and poor choice of font in the notes list pane, render it virtually unusable for me. I'll give it a while to see if Evernote come up with some customisations, otherwise I'm going to have to dump Evernote in favour of something else. Shame as in its last version it was a good product and worth shelling out for the premium version.
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