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  1. Ugh, I had to uninstall and reinstall on ipad.. luckily I'm on WiFi to RE-download all the data/notes etc. Also I have an Android, so that hasn't been hit with an update. But what I really wanted to say was YUCK ... I totally HATE the look of the latest update .... I REALLY liked it before, wish one could downgrade versions!!
  2. I REALLY dislike the new update too - both the look AND how slow it is AND that it keep stripping OFF the title of EVERY note I click on and replacing it with UNTITLED ... I have CLOSED Evernote on my Macbook and will only use it on my iPad and Android for now, until I figure out how to go BACK to the previous version or a NEWER update is made to FIX all the issues - UGH This is the first time I have been unhappy with Evernote
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