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  1. And I would add to the excellent photo with examples: the sidebar was BLACK. I could easily distinguish the 3 important areas of Evernote: Sidebar, note list and note itself. AND not so much white = less eyestrain. See the attached screen snippet. I've pointed to several visual cues that used to help the user get oriented and quickly find things. All of these cues have either gone white or have been reduced to thin gray lines that are hard to see without searching. 1. The currently selected note was highlighted. 2. The Evernote window was distinguished from the Mac desktop background. 3. The document panel was distinguished from the note list panel. 4. The note frame was distinguished from the note. All of these and other UI elements help the user work quickly and easily in the app. The new UI makes all the data elements blend into each other. Plus it's just too white, leading to eyestrain.
  2. It's is really good to know that my eyes are not the only ones unable to use EN 6. I think the incessant threads and posts here should be obvious to the EN design team. At least I hope.
  3. I followed these instructions: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67533-evernote-for-mac-56/page-4#entry304615 In fact, all i did was install the 5.5.2 version and let it download all my notes from EN servers. So, even easier than what was listed. SO MUCH HAPPIER back at 5.5.2. 5.7 was proving too difficult to install, so I went back and do not regret it at all. None of that context *****, etc. Just good old Evernote!
  4. And my recommendation is uninstall 6.0 and 6.0.1 and reinstall 5.5. or 5.7. Dig around on this forum and find instructions for how to get it done. It's not that tough, and the older versions are SO SO SO much better at everything we love about Evernote. My recommendation: uninstall V6.0, download V6.0.1 from the Evernote site and install it. This helped in several cases.
  5. Let me add one more thought to my previous comments: the new look of 6.0 has nothing to do with my no longer using it and reverting to 5.5. I don't mind the way it looks in terms of "ooh, pretty....." that kind of look. The issue for myself and many who have commented is the new look is impossible to use. It literally HURTS my eyes and is very, very difficult to focus upon. I even have prescription "computer glasses" which work MARVELOUSLY with most everything else. But white on off white on light gray with tiny text and no color or contrast is HELL on my eyes. Really.
  6. I posted this elsewhere, before I found this thread. If EN is interested, here is my experience: I used 6.0 for 4 days. After much difficulty reading anything (I'm 49 y.o. with progressive lenses, FYI), I went in search of solution. I have now DOWNGRADED my Evernote to 5.5.2. MUCH BETTER. I could go on for an hour about the many, many ways the new design is impossible for me to use due to readability issues. But in short, there is no way under the sun that EN tested this with anyone in the real world who is over 40 y.o. and wears glasses/bifocals/progressive lenses. You must provide options for color, contrast, background color, text color, text size, zoom, etc. No way I will upgrade or renew my Premium sub until EN creates a version I can use.
  7. I followed various suggestions about and now have 5.5.2. Woohoo!!! So freaking much better. 5.7.2 was being too annoying with the "newer version installed" thingy. Didn't feel like working thru that. 5.5.2 has it's own separate storage location in ~/Library so much better route. OMG!! Is 5.5.2 easier on my eyes!! Darker grays, light black, GREEN INSTEAD OF THAT UGLY ASS BLUE for tags, dates, etc. Phew! I really thought I would have to find an EN alternative.
  8. I just now updated Evernote to the latest version. And I'm either going to find an alternative to Evernote or.... maybe go mildly insane? This white on light gray on off white on.... whatever is horrid for me. I would give anything to go back a version. Wow. Evernote, PLEASE give us options. Or something. Anything!
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