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  1. Being able to make specific notebook titles stand out would be a huge interface improvement. I hear that Windows users can color-code their notebook titles. But apparently Mac users can't. You can add emoji to the title, if you can find the "Rename Notebook" command which is hidden behind many clicks. But this is not feature-parity across all the platforms.
  2. Customization is vital for happy customers. Evernote, if you want us to spend time inside this app, make it possible to live comfortably with it. On all platforms. Consistently.
  3. This would be heaven. Evernote seems to never be displaying my notes in the order or context I prefer. Customization is extremely important for happy users.
  4. +1 also. You can't right-click the notebook title to rename it, you can't find it under Edit... or Note... The Rename Notebook option is hidden under the three dots when viewing the notebook note list. This is not good UI
  5. This is what I'm talking about (see attachment)
  6. I have a longstanding frustration to share. Clicking below the last line of text in a note does not cause the cursor to move to the end of the last line. You have to click at the exact end of the last line of text with surgical precision in order to get the cursor to move. This is ridiculous. Clicking below the existing content should cause the cursor to jump down as low as the existing content will allow. Please fix this in an update.
  7. Why do I have to hit the Edit key in order to alter a note? This is not how other apps work. Why do I have to create a text note in order to make an audio recording? Why is the audio feature so buried? Why is two thirds of the home screen and ad for a product that I am already paying for?Why is the arrow to close a note in the upper left corner which is the furthest spot from my thumb?Why does the back key initiate a Discard operation rather than a Save operation?Why is the suggested note title never, ever relevant to my note? Why is it that every time I need to interact with Evernote to record a thought, interacting with the app is so complex that it takes me out of my flow?Why do I need to focus more on operations then on my ideas? Why don't you hire me to help improve your products?
  8. After 10 months with the pale gray, zero-contrast interface, Evernote just rolled out an update with a darker sidebar. Thanks for all who complained (along with me) in various posts throughout the forums about this. I'd like to think they listened to us.
  9. It's not a question of white on black or black on white. It's an issue of structure, contrast, and clarity. The new "design" has essentially zero differentiation between the panes, offers no visual cues to help you skim lists of information, and does not indicate which notebook is chosen. But if you want to see what works better for yourself (your personal preference), do this: Open System Preferences, choose Accessibility, and check the "invert colors" box. Since Evernote is just black on white now, it's easy to use this as an experiment to see whether you like white text on black or black text on white better.
  10. At minimum, perhaps Evernote could provide indication in the Notebook pane of which notebook is active. And if they insist on keeping it low contrast by default, a high-contrast toggle (as Apple has learned to do) for anyone over age 29 would be nice. (I notice that this forum, and the web version of Evernote, both employ more contrast and color.)
  11. I'm adding my voice, and hopefully Evernote will update this thread when a fix is issued. Medium gray on light gray on white is a jarring change. Was this even tested on a newbie user? How would anyone who didn't have experience with the older design know how to find their way around the new interface? What is clickable? There is no differentiation between the three panes. It's very hard to skim quickly. (And now it doesn't match the web version, which is much easier to skim). Although a premium user, I was lukewarm on the product before. Now, I am actively looking for alternatives. You need to offer us interface options. As a designer, if I submitted this interface as a "design", I'd be laughed out of the conference room. There is a point at which un-design goes too far. You found that point. If I designed this for higher-ed on the web, it would likewise be rejected because it does not pass accessibility standards for contrast, for the visually impaired. What is the average age of the Evernote user? Does the average Evernote user need glasses? I'd imagine as a business- and productivity-oriented product, this is not primarily a 20-something audience, so please design for a broader range of eyes.
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