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  1. This needs to be a feature request. If Evernote wants to be a productivity hub, we need weekly and monthly views so we can, umm, like, plan and visualize things. I'd also suggest an option to use an internal Evernote calendar in case you want to have a work calendar that's specific to Evernote work.
  2. I came here to make this exact request. It's essential. Any proper word processor does this, as do all browsers. It's expected behavior IMO. Mac and Windows clients both need this.
  3. I thought this was a discussion about a file transfer/backup integration to move notes over to EN. Not a client to run on the Remarkable. And BTW, the Remarkable has so little RAM and processor power that any sort of real app would be a non-starter.
  4. If you want to handwrite text directly into Evernote, have you experimented with Apple's "scribble" Pencil features? How has that worked for you?
  5. Yes, the Nebo approach needs to record your ink strokes, since the order, direction, velocity, etc all factor into how Nebo decodes your handwriting. It's different than analyzing a static picture. But we are seeing other server-based approaches that do analyze a scan or picture. Google Lens does it, and now Apple started to do it (though in Apple's case it's on device?) Many of these handwriting discussions here began before Apple introduced Scribble. Scribble is best — so far — with short bursts of text, not novel-writing, to choose an extreme example. So people who prefer their primary text input to be longhand — when entering lots of text, notes, creative writing, etc, are not happy yet.
  6. I didn't say it was easy. I said I wanted handwriting recognition in Evernote. 🙂 And since it happens in the cloud, it should be possible to implement. I'm curious — do you speak for Evernote, PinkElephant?
  7. Since Evernote now wants to be everything to everyone 😉 I'd love it if they finally add this feature. Text extraction as OCR to editable text. Not just image search. It would be a killer feature. It could eliminate the need to buy a ReMarkable etc (because you could scan in anything with Scannable), and thus EN would be a great value proposition. It's a cloud-based feature. It's 2021, processing power is ever cheaper. Google can do this on your phone...
  8. Also look at the Boox e-ink devices if you want a note taker. They have more features at lower cost than Remarkable, and have their own handwriting conversion that you could then bring into Evernote. Though I'd prefer if EN provided text extraction, not just search in an image.
  9. Replying to keep this alive, and also because I also rely on the Nebo for handwriting. I'd prefer if EN would deign to allow text extraction. Google does this now. EN is already recognizing text but not giving us direct access to it. But I digress. My current solution is to write in Nebo, then copy over. I'd prefer to be able to write on anything, including pen on paper, then take a Scannable and have EN give me the TEXT, not a searchable image.
  10. For real handwriting recognition and "word processing" by handwriting, I use the Nebo app. Then the text can be imported. What I WOULD like is for Evernote to convert a scan of handwriting into ASCII/editable text. They are already recognizing your handwriting in scans. I don't see the problem in taking the next step and letting you pull that text into ascii form. (I'm trying to find other suggestions about this, and that's how I landed on this thread.)
  11. Being able to make specific notebook titles stand out would be a huge interface improvement. I hear that Windows users can color-code their notebook titles. But apparently Mac users can't. You can add emoji to the title, if you can find the "Rename Notebook" command which is hidden behind many clicks. But this is not feature-parity across all the platforms.
  12. Customization is vital for happy customers. Evernote, if you want us to spend time inside this app, make it possible to live comfortably with it. On all platforms. Consistently.
  13. This would be heaven. Evernote seems to never be displaying my notes in the order or context I prefer. Customization is extremely important for happy users.
  14. +1 also. You can't right-click the notebook title to rename it, you can't find it under Edit... or Note... The Rename Notebook option is hidden under the three dots when viewing the notebook note list. This is not good UI
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