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  1. Thanks, but the workaround via email does not work as none of my providers will let me upload a big file. Or does evernote have its own internal email? if so where. By the way, this is getting unbearable. I have waited about 10 days with NO reply from Evernote. Someone posted about going back to an earlier version. Maybe that is the solution. I finally managed to upload via the web version (very hard to find...no link from the Evernote page that I can see). BUT, now that that work, files that had been previously uploaded and synced were no longer so. I kept getting a message that i am not longer connected to the Internet. of course I wasn't. I was without wifi in school and trying to conduct lesson I have done many times before, but Evernote had somehow unsychronized all my files. Damn.
  2. Ok, somehow it worked. Not sure how, but I think I will close everything because the file has maddest way to my iPad and I am all set for tomorrow. Thanks, again!
  3. Thanks....I had a hard time to find the app. It isn't listed on the main page. And then I could not find an upload button. I finally created a new note and pasted the file. It seems to be uploading now. Slow. hope this works. I need it for tomorrow's class. All has worked until now so I wonder what has changed. Anyway, I will report back when I know. No, that is not working. Wonder why not? Paul@1 Am in Tokyo now.
  4. Ah, this is very frustrating. I redid a video, posted dot Evernote, and it synced. Before it ran on the Mac but not on the iPad first generation. Now it worked. So added another video, and that did not sync. Deleted it and now the first file that initially was ok, did not sync. Why does it do so intermittently. I am using a Mov quick time) file. Others have worked fine. What is going on????
  5. Last 4 days this keeps happening with files in the 50-100 MB range, Mp4 or mov. I have done this before with no problem. I can see the file in my Mac (from which I uploaded the file) but not on my iPad due ti the Sync thing. And even if I delete the offending note and remove from the trash, the same thing happens all the time. Is Evernote experiencing some trouble? I have used for the last year with no problem until now. I NEED to show videos in class on my iPad and there is no other way. Please help.
  6. Had it too. But there is no indication which the offending file is. is there a trash box on Evernote? I can't find it.
  7. Thanks! Now if I can only figure out why the web version just downloads. It doesn't let me actually view a video for example. What is the web version good for?
  8. I thought as a premium user I can have and switch between multiple accounts. But when I click ADD ANOTHER ACCOUNT, it prompts me for a username and password. I thought this is where I add another account, but it assumes I already have a second one. I don't. How do I get one. Our do I have to pay for a second account before adding it? In which case I do not need it. Thanks!
  9. I use it on the iPad and the Mac. I don't understand what the web version is for. I try to view a file (video) and it downloads instead of loading. What am I missing and why would I need a web version at all?
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