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  1. I don't do this very often, but I've noticed when I include images in Evernote on Macbook Pro, the note size ends up being MUCH larger than the image on disk. Why is that? Is that just a sleezy ploy by Evernote to make money or is there a compression issue when storing images in notes?

  2. I'm experiencing something similar, now 18 months after the original post. Here are the entries from my log:

    09:16:23 [16832] Client synchronization finished, status: complete
    09:16:23 [16832] * elapsed time: 0s
    09:17:10 [11596] Checking UpSell: Checking Eligiblity
    09:17:10 [11596] Checking UpSell: Not Eligible: Too soon, check API after 2016/04/23 06:58:08
    09:18:10 [11596] Checking UpSell: Checking Eligiblity
    09:18:10 [11596] Checking UpSell: Not Eligible: Too soon, check API after 2016/04/23 06:58:08

    Those last two lines show up dozens of times in recent months. I have an Evernote Premium account for my personal use and Evernote Basic for business. When I switch to the Premium account, the exclamation point goes away. Switching back to Evernote Basic causes the exclamation point to return.

  3. Related to this, when the Outook Clipper opens, the folders are not in alphabetical order. It's almost impossible to find things. Please bring back the old clipper. It was easily 4.7 times easier to use than this version.

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  4. Same as everyone else posting. In addition, for some reason my folder list is not in alphabetical order. I can't figure out how it's organized. I have hundreds of folders in several stacks and it's now near impossible to find the folder I'm looking for in order to "stash" my email. C'mon Evernote. You were doing such a good job.

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