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  1. Well, Evernote is scanning my content in order to present relevant information. I don't like that part, even if they're limiting their scans to my own data. I was unable to dismiss the presented Contextual data. The only way to make it go away was to turn off the feature. The information is presented below whatever Note you're working in, which is added clutter/distraction on the screen. Evernote is my way of organizing data I curate, and I want my notes/notebooks free of outside noise.
  2. Evernote's new Context feature, and why it's a problem: http://www.512pixels.net/blog/2014/10/on-evernotes-new-context-feature-and-why-its-a-problem
  3. Thank God there's a way to turn off the new Context feature. Evernote--I don't want you scanning my notes for any reason. I love the product but I value my privacy over the ability to access my data from any device. If you can't offer me privacy then I'll use something else.
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