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  1. I often get a blank title when trying to clip a page: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s226/sh/5a83d9d9-be51-4945-abc1-78218d10a81b/318ace27686d196d940a4814dc12bbfc Once this happens, I need to restart the browser, because the clipper don't work reliably. I don't know what pages/sites etc trigger this behavior. I use Firefox as my primary browser and greatly appreciate your work on this clipper. I recently tried Chrome and I'm jealous of how the Evernote clipper works reliably. However, I won't switch to Chrome because I have quite a few plugins for Firefox and bookmarks set up already, and it works Firefox 34.0 OSX Yosemite Web Clipper 6.0 beta2
  2. Wiki-like support would be enormously helpful. Surrounding a word/phrase in [braces] should immediately provide a link to an existing note named "braces" or else a link that would create the note when clicked. This feature would make Evernote way easier to use and expand the ability of the app to hold more info and make it much more accessible.
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