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  1. Interesting that you bring up the cross-platform aspect, because part of my reason for posting earlier was the web beta - and the web client is in a way the most cross-platform way to use Evernote. If the web beta is any indication, the vision for the web client is much more aimed at content production than notetaking and collection/curation. I'm actually using it on a linux-only laptop these days. Not everyone has recourse to a desktop client. In my case, Wine has a bug concerning an accessibility setting that makes programs basically unusable to me. If the web client can't show me my tags, notebooks, and notes in a fast, well-organized way, I will need a different product. I'm no longer in the IT field, and I haven't heard much about the Yin/Yang of software - but you are correct that companies have a right to make the software they want to make. Evernote would not be the first company to decide who their desired customer is, and in doing that, leave some people out. It's understandable and it's sometimes good for the company. Even so, I believe in speaking up when a product I love moves away from the features and functions I need.
  2. It is so frustrating to me, to have Evernote *decide* that the thing I need from it is a work space, a collaboration space and presentation space. None of those things is what I use Evernote for. I already had a strong use for Evernote, and "Redefining what Evernote does" is just making Evernote obsolete to me. I don't *care* if you, or your app "care" whether my work is good. Stop trying to decide what tools I need. That's my job. I'm sorry that you decided that Evernote is for making me "better." That's not what I came to your company for. Despite the fact that "the world has changed," my work still requires a note-taking app. Evernote was a note-taking app. It was the best one. Now that you've decided it's something else, I probably won't be able to continue to use it. I need a *notetaking* app. I have been debating moving into premium in order to support the software that's become so important to my processes. I won't be doing that now, at least until I can confirm that note-taking as I already need it will continue to be supported and grown in the software.
  3. I support a "no distractions view" being available, but I do NOT want it to become the only available web interface. It's great for those times when I don't want to see more than what I'm working on Right Now, but the rest of the time it's a huge inconvenience. I would like to see Evernote keep both layouts available long term, since they serve vastly different purposes. Other web services I use allow beta opt-out initially, but eventually force a switch. If Evernote takes that step with their "no distractions" web interface, I will likely be forced to find another data management software service.
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