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  1. Why is this in the Windows Desktop Product Feedback forum? You want to limit the new tier to Windows users?
  2. $1 per month for Basic without the device limit? Good for existing Basic users who do not need the advanced features and are not keen to switch to competitors. I would certainly consider such a plan, depending on the exchange rate, but reliability has to improve (constant freezing when I type in the Mac app is a huge disincentive to pay). To make such a plan more viable, they could consider: 1. Adding one or two Plus/Premium features (or commonly requested features) that would be relevant for casual users, to increase the difference between the free tier and new tier, so users feel they are getting value for their money. 2. Adding very limited trials for most Plus/Premium features. Some casual users may eventually become heavy users or find a Plus/Premium feature useful, but may want to test the Plus/Premium features before deciding whether to upgrade to Plus/Premium. Even with this new tier, new users (including those willing to pay) would probably dry up.
  3. Does restoring from a Time Machine backup work? If not, any Evernote alternatives to recommend?
  4. After I upgraded my Evernote app, I logged in and waited for my notes to be transferred to the new version. Ten minutes later, I tried opening a note, but only saw a blank note. I went to another note in another notebook. Another blank note. Since the Sync button was no longer rotating, I clicked it. A few seconds of syncing later, I still could not see any of my notes. I came back five minutes later and finally saw my note! I edited the note and synced it, then double-clicked the note to open it in its own window. Another blank screen. Realising the note would take some time to load in its new window, I loaded another note in the main window. The note in its own window finally loaded, but I could not edit it! Clicking the end of the line did not shift the cursor. I could select text, but typing did not replace the selected text. Finally, I realised that after loading a note, its title would be reset to 无标题 (Chinese for Untitled Note). I am using a 2012 13" MacBook Pro running OS X Mavericks.
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