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  1. Hi jbignert Thank you for your reply. The problem I mentioned in my last post has "evolved" into something else after many attempts to fix it (reinstalling evernote, creating a new notebook etc). I tried to use my account in my Ipad and I found out it seemed to work out. But it seems my free account doesn´t allow me to use evernote syincing in two devices, and the shared notebook simply disappeared from my laptop. Since the laptop is where I need it most, I´ve deleted evernote from the Ipad hoping that it would be restored to the laptop. Well it didn´t work. Now my friend is unable to send a new invitation to share the notebook, all I receive are chat invitations, and after acceping them I get to the evernote web environment, where I can see the shared notebook will all its contents, but... in the evernote in my computer the notebook is empty!!! My friend is a Mac user and I´m not. Could that be the problem?
  2. I´ve just started using Evernote with a free account. A friend who has a Premium account has created a Notebook. Something odd happens when I clip a page from the web into the notebook she´s created using the elephant icon in the browser: after completing the "save" proccess I cant´ see it in my Evernote window , but my friend can see them in hers. She sees the items added after syncing but no matter what I do (syncing, closing and opening evernote etc) they don´t show up for me. On the other hand if instead of clicking the elephant icon I just drag the page to the evernote window it works but then i dont´t have the option of choosing how I visualize it and I can only see the site address (http.....) with no image. Dragging other things like files from my computer works fine meaning I can visualize them in my Evernote environment. Could someone help me figure out what´s wrong?
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