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  1. All my stuff is online - that's a relief. EV upgraded automatically when I opened it today so no backup to my computer.
  2. Hi there - not sure where to post this - can't find a support forum. When I opened Evernote today it upgraded to a new version, 6.0, automatically. Now I can see my notes but when I open them there is nothing there. Also can't type in a new note. Can add tags - that's it. I'm on a Macbook Pro. OS 10.9.5 Really messed up - my whole life and business is in Evernote. I've spent hours making files, writing in journals, saving pictures etc. I can't even think about losing all of that time, effort and not to metion all of my stuff! My client's info, passwords, records of phonecalls etc. Someone please tell me this is fixable??
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