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  1. After a few days with it, I think I've finally reached my conclusion: Notability it is. I'm a JotScript user on a first-gen iPad Mini running iOS 8.1.1. Penultimate 6.0.1 definitely does a better job of picking up marks than 6.0 did... but it's MUCH worse than 5.3.x, and the improvements in Notability (and I'm assuming other programs as well) since 5.3.x was released leave me with no other option. I had begun to think that I MIGHT be able to deal with it if I wrote slowly enough (not an ideal situation, to be sure). Except. Every. Single. Time. I write an ascending character the zoom area jumps to the extreme upper left corner. No matter what I do-- different hand positions, writing with my hand off the screen entirely, using Drift or not-- this happens every time. And that makes it nearly impossible to write in the zoomed area. Which makes the whole app absolutely useless. I can't write at anywhere close to my normal handwriting speed. Only about two thirds of my handwriting is picked up. When it IS picked up, the app unexpectedly prevents me from writing where I want to write. Bye, Felicia. It was fun while it lasted.
  2. It's not yet available to me in the App Store... is it under review? Are others having any luck seeing it? --UPDATE 2014.11.21 20:58 PST-- After refreshing, refreshing, refreshing, refreshing, the update finally appeared. Downloaded it. Looking at it. We'll see when I get home and turn on my stylus whether my gripes were addressed. --UPDATE 2014.11.21 21:03 PST-- First thing: PAGES ARE BACK. I wasn't particularly frustrated by their disappearance, but it's good that they seemed to find a medium between pages and infinipaper. But I AM irritated by the automatic insertion of more pages than I actually want... why is it two pages automatically? Because the screen is bigger than one page. Easily avoidable. Not going to prevent me from using it, but it's flaring my OCD more than anything. Second: Drift seems to be working as it always should have. In fact, it seems to be a slight improvement.That's comforting. Third: I like being able to resize the zoom pane. That's a lot more usable. BUT PROBLEMS STILL EXIST. A-- Two-finger scroll seems not to work more often than it seems to work. Not too much of a problem now that you can skip directly to a page, but I don't want to have to do that every time. B-- It's really problematic that the tools hover over the writable area. C-- I suppose this isn't a problem as much as a hesitation... I haven't broken out the JotScript yet to see if the connectivity issues have been resolved. They may not be. That's more concerning than it should be... as much as my initial anger has been resolved here, it'll all be for naught if my stylus won't work.
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