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  1. Whether or not Evernote reads my documents I don't know, but so far they haven't done anything to anybody that prompts me to believe that they do (apart from ocr in order to make PDF's searchable). yes. they do. Yup. It's important to remember that there are no "Good" or "Bad" corporations, just those than can or cannot read your data. Evernote, as well as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and many others, can. Evernote (so far) has a good reputation for privacy, but that's only because so far they have decided that it's best to be perceived that way. If, tomorrow, they decide it's best to cooperate with (unlikely) North Korea, or (more possible) Facebook, and sell your personal data, there is nothing that stops them from doing so. And wherever there is a front (or back) door to your data, you have to assume that the NSA, FBI, probably China, and random disaffected network admins [snowden] have access to it. So, where anyone beyond you personally hold they key, assume it's on the same footing. Evernote "talks pretty", and so far has acted, as far as we know, well, but that only because they want to, today. [Edit: And now I read this: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66103-power-user-discontent-best-alternatives-to-en/?p=300520 This is extremely scary to me because if it's true, and if there's a chance the corporate data that I thought was not being sync;d the the cloud actually left my corporate network, very "bad" things could happen to me. My trust in Evernote drops again. ] That said, we're talking about the interface in this topic. Normally, interface changes grate on me for the first few days, and then I adapt, move on, and stop complaining. This is not happening so far. 1) Use translucency properly. The background should not be showing though the snippet view. See Mail. This occurs other places as well 2) Give me color back, in a customizable way. Let me color/theme/shade/customize notebooks, so I can quickly an easily tell which one I'm operating in. This is a HUGE benefit that the competition has 3) Give me a 'dark' option, just like the Yosemite EN claims to copy. Make it work well with Aperture in a 'Dark' setting, for instance.
  2. Agree on customization. I'm (slowly) moving over to a competitor (aesthetics are interesting to argue about, but data loss is a deal breaker...), and while one can argue the 'purity' of the Apple design, I'm getting very attached to the competitor's use of color. I can tell what notebook/project I'm using without scan for the dark-grey text on light-grey drop-down in the menu bar. Nice. Going back to Evernote is getting more and more jarring on my Mac Air... the translucency in Evernote is starting to work against me. My brain is already starting to associate "If it's red, it's work. If it's green it's personal", as that is what I have chosen in the other app that I'm giving a test run. My desktop background changes, and I happen to have a sunset picture and a picture of leaf, so the "color scheme" of the Evernote app changes as it shows through in the sidebar and menu area, and I get confused about what notebook I'm looking at. On my imac, which is still running Mavericks and EN5.x, I don't have the confusion, but I do miss the visual cue.
  3. QFT. Very nicely said, and I second everything. I had started to go through the OS X Design Guidelines doc, quoting sections about Vibrancy, color, font, etc., but gave up. You put it much more clearly and succinctly.
  4. Well, thanks for making that little mistake, because through that I learned about Total Finder, which I love! One of the annoyances in Finder is not being able to quickly find a specific folder or share by color and shape. While it's not as "purdy" as the operating-room antiseptic cleanness of the stock Yosemite finder, I'm already finding it much faster and more efficient. And Total Finder just made a sale. On the Evernote side... well... I'm still not a premium member, because they are not making my life easier at this point. Putting aside the 'minor' issue of data corruption losing some of my notes on 6.0, the app itself is becoming less useful. Yeah, you can say it's prettier or matches Apple design aesthetics, but what I'd like to see is things like the ability to color notes by tag, or notebooks with a shared color theme so I don't accidentally put a confidential work note (intended for a non-sync'd folder) into my home/personal notebook. You know, use color to help me organize, not get rid of it. And by the way... on Yosemite I use the 'dark menu bar and dock' setting, which blends better with Aperture for the personal photo-editing work. If EN is all about following the design aesthetic from apple, where's the 'Dark Mode' switch?
  5. Yep. While your instructions look great, btw, I'm not sure if they would help recover the corrupted local notes from 6.0, but I should probably have tried exporting before I blew it away. Using TM to restore to a known good point seemed like a faster path to stability at the time. Now I'm wondering what would have happened if I had saved the 'corrupted' notes to ENEX in 6.0 and tried restoring them in 6.0.1. I do have the backup from just before the restore, but I'm too wary of ***** something up [again] to try the experiment.
  6. The ticket I submitted was "Ticket# 831787 - BUG: 6.0 deleting notes", but I'm not sure how to post a link to it. I've only received an automated reply that said [to paraphrase], "We've gotten so many bug reports on this hunk of $@!% that it may be a while before we get to you non-premium complainers." I took the advice of some other posts and tried to switch to the direct down load. BE CAREFUL IF YOU HAVE LOCAL NOTES AND DO THIS!!!! The App store version and the direct download version store local notes in different places, and Time Machine was worth it's weight in gold yesterday when I tried delete the App store version. Because of the note corruption on the local notes, I ended up reverting to the previous version of Evernote, along with the pre-migration database (losing a few notes in the process... thanks, Evernote...), exporting from the pre-6.0 version, deleting that, re-installing the 6.0.1 direct download version, and then re-importing my local work notes. That only took me a few hours and a bottle of scotch. In the end, I've finally recovered everything (except for about 1/2 a days notes inbetween the last time-machine backup and the 6.0 update...), and 6.0.1 has not (yet) corrupted my notes. But, at this point, I really don't trust it, and due to corporate security policy the option of "Just use the cloud!" is not a viable answer. (And I don't trust Evernote to not corrupt those as well at this point...) For whatever reason, Onenote cloud storage is acceptable to the corporate IT folks though (go figure), and now that OneNote has Android, Mac, and (of course) PC versions, which was the reason I was using Evernote in the first place, I'm going to try to migrate ~2000 offline notes over to that platform... Plus I hate the stupid all-white color scheme. Corrupting my notes is the real reason I'm migrating away, but the "Trust us, our user testing people all really liked looking at featureless pieces of white paper all day" UI is just icing on the cake.
  7. Had the same problem. Put in ticket,... Yosetmite 10.10.1, Evernote 6.0.
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