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  1. Dear Evernote community, I have upgraded my apple mac to os x yosimite yesterday and then upgraded Evernote to vs 6.0. Since then my notes (both local and synchronised notes) take about 1 minute to load each. I measured the time with a stopwatch. Even small textual notes containing only a few lines of text (no images or graphics) take a minute to load. Before my upgrade the response was always instant. Unless there is a solution, I won't be able to use Evernote any longer. I have a few hunders notes altogether. Can anyone convince me to keep on using Evernote? Francois Amendment: It is a few hours later and I need to report that I no longer have this delay in seeing the contents of my notes. You can imagine how grateful I am to continue using and adding to my notes. I wish I could explain who this has happened, but I have no idea. Francois
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