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  1. I have disabled it and it's not in the startup, but every time I restart my computer there it is again in my activity monitor. It doesn't take up a lot of memory. I simply resent that Evernote doesn't give me the choice to have it run or not. It feels like a privacy violation.
  2. I have Evernote on my iMac and iPads, though I rarely use them. In the Activity Monitor I saw the Evernote Helper on my iMac, so I opened up the app and turned it off, however it's still there every time I restart my computer. I'd prefer not deleting Evernote from my computer, so is there a way to prevent the helper from starting? Evernote is not a startup item, is seldom used, and I have no idea why it should start after de-selecting the the box in Evernote preferences. Any suggestions?
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