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  1. I was also getting the "Unknown error" issue when trying to log into the clipper from Firefox 50 (for 6.9.3). I traced the problem to another addon called privacy badger. If I disabled this I could log in to the clipper. If I turned it on it would no longer work (it gave an error like no internet connection found). If you're not using this add on, then check other add/privacy blocking addons you may be using. I also uBlock origin, but that seems to work fine with this addon, but privacy badger will break it.
  2. Good point. I was just thinking of PDFs because that was what I was working with. I didn't think about other large files too.
  3. If you delete the offending file, then make sure you empty the trash before doing the sync. Once it is gone from trash it will work. I ran into the same problem. This 9800 error seems to be related to adding large PDF files. Not sure of the exact threshold size before the error occurs.
  4. I'm having the same issue. I'm just going to scrap the idea of using Skitch to do this. I wanted to store and annotate research papers and textbooks, but large files are not working at all. I can't sync a 72 MB PDF at all (I just get this -9800 error). It seems this new update will not allow me to upload a pdf greater than 25 MB.
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