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  1. For the Widget, if I change my in-app settings to not show notes, then I don't want to see the 'notes will appear here text'. I'd love the widget to simply show only the icons for creating more notes. This would save widget screen real-estate and negate the need for a 'show more' option (although maybe that could be used in reverse - to show any new notes, as an extra option in settings, i.e. 'show notes last'). And please, please give premium users back their Dark Mode!
  2. Dark Mode is gone! As a premium user, this is horrible. Or am I missing something?
  3. What happened to Dark Mode? I'm a premium user and this was one of my favourite paid features. And to make matters worse, the App doesn't launch on my iPad (yes, I've seen the other thread so am reinstalling). Not happy at all and now seriously considering the jump to OneNote, especially given the hike in pricing and the loss of privacy now that staff can view my personal notes.
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