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  1. Hi, has anyone else had problems pasting an excel spreadsheet into a new note? I upgraded to v6, got blinded, then rolled back to v5.3.0 using Time Machine. Now, when I paste an Excel table into the note, it appears; but when I go back to the note, there is just a blank page with a ? icon. I have no idea if I have messed things up by rolling back that way. I am still using Mountain Lion, and can't upgrade to Yosomite for the time being. The workaround for the time being, is to paste the Excel table into mail and send it to Evernote. Have I wrecked things by using Time Machine to roll back?
  2. The bit I dislike the most, is the 'Notebooks' page. That is the most painful on my eyes, it's just a large page of pale grey on pale grey. I have dozens of stacks & Notebooks and your new colour scheme totally ruins this page. All those pale grey notebooks sitting on a pale grey background looks horrendous, and ugly, as well as sore on the eyes. It's just not a nice place to work anymore. I have rolled back to the previous version, and I can see now, how you want to change the appearance of the notebook icons from heavy wood to something more simple, but you got it very, very wrong and made something classy looking, into a washed out blandness. This page NEEDS some colour, and perhaps some of your brand palette could be used on the notebooks, or on the background on this page. Evernote has NEVER been ugly - why make it so now?
  3. I don't normally use forums, but felt that strongly about the horrid look, that I had to say something. It is very interesting how many people have signed up to this forum just to express their dislike and disappointment at the horrid UI. I started a different thread which has a couple of pages of comments now, and only one person out of all those who posted actually expressed their approval of the new colour scheme. EN are calling it a 'fresh new look' it's not fresh - it's a complete washout! My love-affair with EN is fading quickly. I hope they are taking these comments onboard and will just take it on the chin and accept they got it wrong, and not protest and try to defend it. They have already defended their poor attempt at contrast, saying it has been approved as suitable. We are telling you it's not!! I'm not suggesting roll back to the original style, I am suggesting to get a new team of designers to look at it with fresh eyes and identify all the improvements they can make. Something to make it look like Evernote would be nice!
  4. Well, would you believe it - congu UI looks professional. There is good contrast and a bit of colour. Going in head-first!
  5. I restored the previous version of Evernote within 30 minutes of being blinded - never before have I ditched a piece of software so quickly, it really was horrid! Now that I am back on the previous version, I can see that the wooden notebooks are a bit heavy, and can understand that they wanted to dumb it down a bit. But, there is dumbing down and there is complete wipe-out. I was genuinely going to upgrade to premium, as I'm starting out self-employed and want to be completely paperless. I was about a week away from upgrading; now everything is on hold until i can figure out if they will do some improvements, or if I will migrate to OneNote. Although I rolled back, I'm not suggesting the designers should. I just think they should go back to the drawing board and look at how they can create more contrast, give it some brand identity, and stop blinding us! The problem though, is the original UI designers will be blind to what's needed, as they will only see what they created, and that they ticked all the boxes. This needs some fresh eyes to take a look at the obvious places to give it a make-over. At the moment, it is cheap and tacky, any old 2-bit amateur could have thrown this UI together; looking at it, you would never know it was actually Evernote. Like I said in the beginning, Evernote is synonymous with awesomeness, but to remain so, it needs to look and feel professional as well as fantastic-functional. Just because v6 has added even more awesomeness under the hood, if the body work looks appalling, it is an epic fail, a flop. Evernote team - please don't jump on the bandwagon, please don't follow the drab-pack. Get back out in front and lead the way - put some awe back in your awesomeness and produce a professional looking UI that separates the drab from the wow
  6. Stupid me. i saw the software update available for Evernote, and just jumped straight in to upgrade. I never took a moment to go online and check out v6 and what users were saying. My bad for not taking a look at online pics of the UI before jumping in, with excitement, with both feet. Never before have I been this gutted with a software upgrade; never before have I actually been upset by the appearance of software. Never before have I had to tinker with the monitor brightness and contrast just to look at a page for more than a few minutes. Did I mention drab? So, I am staring at my precious Evernote screen, and all I see staring back at me is drab - washed out- disappointing, grey. Gone is the Evernote brand, gone is the feeling of quality software, gone is the pleasure of working on a beautiful screen. All I am left with is a sense of loss, an indigence and confusion. Why would the Evernote team want to take a pin and pop the Evernote balloon? Did someone on the design team have a brainwave moment, and say "Let's make our software stand out from the crowd - let's make it grey, grey, grey". Evernote is synonymous with awesomeness. It's not just a note-taking app, it has grown to become my digital brain, the repository for my brainwaves and keeper of my life-moments. It's my project manager, event organiser, meeting planner, personal reminder, and brainstorming tool. (Yes, Evernote is brilliant for single-person brainstorming!) It is my digital life companion. It's on my desk, in my workbag, and in my pocket. My digital brain is only ever a screen-swipe away. So, why have you taken something so amazing, with such a high-quality end user experience, and turned it into something so limp, washed out, flat and featureless with a greyscale UI, that is actually sore on the eyes after about 5 minutes? The Evernote brand identity is missing. Or, have I missed something? Am I going to click on a notebook and suddenly, the elephant will trumpet in glee and pop out onto the page? Let's just take a look at the Evernote notebook screen (fumbles for sunglasses). I am seeing grey notebooks on a grey background, with feeble grey shadows. Maybe 3 shades of grey in use, with black font. Not a hint of green in sight. The only colour I see is blue, one word in blue telling me I am on the Notebooks page. There is plenty of scope on this page to use Evernote green and give it some character, and perhaps just a tiny bit of depth. Then, there's the side bar. It's the SAME shade of grey as everything else - talk about deliberately making it washed out! I can see the faintest of grey (no surprise there) line separators. I am looking at the notes list now, in 'side list view' The WHOLE page is just one shade of plain, pale, feeble grey. Every other line is washed out white, and the note page is washed out white. Grey is not a colour - grey is an absence of colour. it is a nothingness, a there - but not quite there feeling. It's bland, bare, bald and boring. Every time I look back Evernote again, I hate it just a little bit more. Why, oh why do software designers have to keep jumping off the same plank as those before them? Why did everyone in the Evernote design team feel it was necessary to copy others who have stripped schematics and colour from their software? I am sitting here, typing in Safari, with its grey header and grey tabs (at least the sidebar is a much darker grey). I am looking at Mac Mail, with it's grey header, and grey sidebar and washed out UI, then I look back at Evernote and all I see is grey, grey, grey. It's horrid. I can't quite call it ugly though, - at least ugly has features that stand out. Evernote is now devoid of features, nothing stands out. Everything is just pale, feeble, and sore on my eyes. There isn't sufficient contrast between the feeble greys, making it very unpleasant to look at. Guys, guys - what have you done? I thought you were leaders of the pack, not followers. This 'thing' - this impostor - it's not Evernote, it's horrid. It's beauty has been stolen and what's left is just bland, bare, bald and boring. Did I mention drab? p.s. Please give us our beautiful Evernote back.
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