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  1. Hey @DTLow, Looking at the requests for Android this is top-8 now, so I think there is some priority (at least product teams working on Android will see this when they open the list of request 😛). Thank you for sharing your take on how you organize your way of working, but each one of us have different ways of working and I am really not happy with mine. For me (and I would say this is not that exotic) Evernote is my reference note-taking application (in all the forms, as they also position themselves: text, images/docs/etc... not just "archive" and text note taking). I like it so mu
  2. This feature is getting more and more votes... I really hope Evernote team finds time to pick it up and make a step forward in the handwriting features of Evernote. Not sure how things are prioritized - as I don't see major innovations for a good while now (which is not the case on Evernote's main competitors, e.g.: OneNote), I mostly see very small things and "keep it running" (and all the "inspiration" emails coming... would prefer some actual developments). I would argue that it would be rather strategic for "The note-taking and organizing app" to bring the level of this "interface" to
  3. Hey @GSteuerwald, This was indeed a problem on my case. I have created a ticket for support and send videos/logs to Evernote customer support... What was done is unclear as from support they had to create a ticket for the product development team, but for a few days now I don't experience the same behavior anymore... My recommendation is to uninstall Evernote on your device and then install it again, go for "beta version" (that's what I have). Hopefully you also stop getting this error (unless something was done on my specific account - I hope not :p, if you keep on having the proble
  4. @Comote I am not sure if it has improved, as I never used it before (on other tablets). However, as I mention it still is very poor when compared with other handwriting note apps - which is still a deal breaker to me (on adopting Evernote Handwriting feature for all handwritten notes...). Apart from that, I love the tablet and my workflow now is to use Samsung Notes and then export as image to Evernote... I really don't love this workflow, but it was the best I could come up with - to still use Evernote as my "single point of notes" and benefit from my Samsung S3 to take very nice handwritten
  5. Thank you for your remarks @gazumped I fully agree, there should be no reason for a special treatment (BTW: did you try the exact steps I mentioned above? namely: create a new note; add some attachment; and click save (and don't click anything else, just wait - in my case I see some jumping between edit-mode and go back to list of notes and eventually stays on edit-mode...). However, I am seeing this on both of my Android devices, which leads me to think that there may be something wrong with some setting I have on my configuration/account... It also means that there is a high chance that
  6. [Updated with more details on the "situations" I get issues] Hello, I am having some a rather "undesirable behavior" on my Evernote (on Android devices), namely: I open a note (go to "edit mode)) Edit note Click on save it, which (should) bring it to a "non-editing-mode" (i.e.: I get the go to list sign "<-", or even sometimes go directly to the list of notes) GET (randomly) THE PROBLEM: I see some "flashing lines" on top of the app, looks like Evernote is saving the note... and then the note goes back to Edit mode, without any explicit a
  7. Another +1 from my side. I am an Evernote premium user for many years (it is literally my extended brain, I place there all my notes, daily planing, and anything I want to note down.... I love it). Recently I got a Samsung galaxy tab s3 with s-pen (Android), to further improve my note taking flow and especially to be able to also add handwritten notes directly on my notes. I think more and more people will do this. In my case I want to stop taking notes on paper then take photos and copy them there, etc (go paperless) and get all my notes where they should be - Evernote for me. I a
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