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  1. Hey @GSteuerwald, This was indeed a problem on my case. I have created a ticket for support and send videos/logs to Evernote customer support... What was done is unclear as from support they had to create a ticket for the product development team, but for a few days now I don't experience the same behavior anymore... My recommendation is to uninstall Evernote on your device and then install it again, go for "beta version" (that's what I have). Hopefully you also stop getting this error (unless something was done on my specific account - I hope not :p, if you keep on having the problem I propose you write a ticket to customer support). Cheers, Eduardo
  2. @Comote I am not sure if it has improved, as I never used it before (on other tablets). However, as I mention it still is very poor when compared with other handwriting note apps - which is still a deal breaker to me (on adopting Evernote Handwriting feature for all handwritten notes...). Apart from that, I love the tablet and my workflow now is to use Samsung Notes and then export as image to Evernote... I really don't love this workflow, but it was the best I could come up with - to still use Evernote as my "single point of notes" and benefit from my Samsung S3 to take very nice handwritten notes... ...this is the reason I really would love a bit more of effort on this feature! Cheers!
  3. Thank you for your remarks @gazumped I fully agree, there should be no reason for a special treatment (BTW: did you try the exact steps I mentioned above? namely: create a new note; add some attachment; and click save (and don't click anything else, just wait - in my case I see some jumping between edit-mode and go back to list of notes and eventually stays on edit-mode...). However, I am seeing this on both of my Android devices, which leads me to think that there may be something wrong with some setting I have on my configuration/account... It also means that there is a high chance that there is some "use case" that is not fully supported by Evernote, as I am not doing anything crazy here, simply saving a note with some sort of attachment. I was looking at the logs (as I also do Software Development on a daily basis :p) but it is not easy to understand the different events... so I will indeed submit a "ticket" on the link you mention and send the logs and any other input to get some help. I will update the final results here. Cheers.
  4. [Updated with more details on the "situations" I get issues] Hello, I am having some a rather "undesirable behavior" on my Evernote (on Android devices), namely: I open a note (go to "edit mode)) Edit note Click on save it, which (should) bring it to a "non-editing-mode" (i.e.: I get the go to list sign "<-", or even sometimes go directly to the list of notes) GET (randomly) THE PROBLEM: I see some "flashing lines" on top of the app, looks like Evernote is saving the note... and then the note goes back to Edit mode, without any explicit action on my side to do that, i.e.: I do not touch anything on the note, which I expect to be required to go back to edit mode this behavior can go back and forth without me touching the "save" or "go back to list of notes" button... When does this happen? This seems to happen when I have notes with "Evernote handwritten entries" or add Attachment (e.g.: photo)... these are the two situations I tested (maybe there are a few other situations). When I have a note with only text, I am not seeing this behavior... actually I did a test where I updated the note by removing a photo and make it "pure text" note, which resulted on the note stopping to "misbehaving". This is causing some problems, e.g.: sometimes after I click save I move to another application, or just lock my Android device (while the note stays doing this "misbehavior" on background...). Then I use/change the same note on another device (I use three devices on a regular fashion), which means I end up having "conflicting notes" once I come back to my Android device... which is really annoying. The device where I see this happens the most is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (Android 8.0.0, Latest Evernote version - 8.7.0), but it also happens on my Mobile phone, and I would assume this is probably happening on any Android mobile device... Is this a known issue? If so, is there anything happening to address it, or maybe already a solution/setting I can adjust to stop having this... @Evernote Support: if this is a Bug (and not some misconfiguration I have), shall I open a bug somewhere else with this info, or is this enough for you to take action? Thank you in advance! Cheers, Eduardo
  5. Another +1 from my side. I am an Evernote premium user for many years (it is literally my extended brain, I place there all my notes, daily planing, and anything I want to note down.... I love it). Recently I got a Samsung galaxy tab s3 with s-pen (Android), to further improve my note taking flow and especially to be able to also add handwritten notes directly on my notes. I think more and more people will do this. In my case I want to stop taking notes on paper then take photos and copy them there, etc (go paperless) and get all my notes where they should be - Evernote for me. I am really underwhelmed by the basic handwritten support of evernote... I actually like the simplistic interface. However, it is so basic and writing is not even very responsive for me, which makes the experience of taking notes directly on evernote practically impossible (for me). This really means not being able to use it properly, especially after trying Samsung notes or any other reasonwble note-taking app... So my current workflow is rather fragmented and error-prone: take my handwritten notes on samsung notes, export them as image to a special notebook on evernote (manually) then (when I remember) copy the image to a note where I have some pre-meeting/event notes and points of discussion already.... I tend to forget some of these steps, and even worse, sometimes I revisit handwriten notes and make changes (recapping things, etc) and then need to again go throw all the steps and replace the image... It is not nice... but I really tried to use evernote handwritten notes but they are just too far from the others that I have to go through this painful set of steps... I know there is Penultimate for ios (which is also a product by evernote), but I think the idea of having this feature within the product will make many people happier (instead of using another app, sync the note to evernote as an image...). I think the original message pretty much covers my request for features extensions, I leave bellow some extra remarks (some redundant, sorry): Improve responsiveness (maybe it is just me and one can get use to it, but there is a real delay, which makes it difficult to write...) Pressure sensitive Thin pen, it is really think now (even the thinnest one...) Maybe multiple pen types (I don't care so much, but it is nice to have two or three types) If I can give any other feedback please let me know... As mentioned above, this is becoming a rather popular way of taking notes and it is really a pitty to have these limitations (basic support) on our beloved Evernote. Cheers.
  6. If you do "paste" of a long link directly from your browser (in HTML format) it will do correct wrapping... however in a new note if you do "paste and match style" it does not wrap correctly (I have just made that test). In my case - in the old note I made my tests - I do not have "unusual HTML" structures, simple long URLs... I don't think this is a "normal" thing to expect on Evernote. I suppose this should be researched further, as it would be extremely frustrating "migrating manually" all the past notes that have this kind of text (that breaks the correct text wrapping)... furthermore, this did not use to happen few versions back. Cheers.
  7. Hi there, I have just found "one cause" of this problem - in the newly updated evernote (6.0.2). I have reported this as a new bug. The issue (in my case) was a "huge link" I had in a note, e.g.: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CCcQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.comscore.com%2Fcontent%2Fdownload%2F22301%2F1136715%2Ffile%2FThe_Multi_Screen_Path_to_Purchasing.pdf&ei=jrEhU4H0DOGm0QXXnoGACg&usg=AFQjCNHQ1iq2bFkf9AiaPQC_tZyCs-FVxA&sig2=e58r5mOVzijDlNv-riVS8A&bvm=bv.62922401,d.d2k&cad=rja Once I removed it (or placed it inside a "hyperlink text" in the note) the text got "correctly" displayed... If you try copy-pasting this link as "rich-text" into a new note it will probably work, but if you paste it as "text" (no link) it is (probably) not wrap (at least that was what happened to me). If I get some feedback on this problem I will drop a line here! Cheers!
  8. Unfortunately for me (in version 6.0.1) I still do not get text wrapped... at least for existing old notes.
  9. Are there any news on this bug report? (Can we see the bug report and its status?) I am suffering from the same problem in some of my notes (I have upgraded to version 6 yesterday night). I could not fully understand why "some notes" do not wrap the text correctly... I have the feeling that in this last update some of those notes got "updated" and do wrap correctly, but not all of them! I know I have updated one note in particular some days ago from an Android Evernote... not sure if that could be a source of problems. But this happens in other notes too, so it may not be the cause of this bad behaviour.
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