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  1. 6.0.2 appeared to slightly darken the background of the sidebar, thus allowing it to be better discerned from the section immediately to its right. It is a very slight improvement, no question. I think there's more to do here though. And a a Premium user, I'm a little bothered by the political style response from Evernote, almost denying the issue. Of course those in the forums will be a vocal minority but the swing of opinion here shouldn't be ignored or denied.
  2. On Mountain Lion, it's looks like the sidebar now has a slightly darker grey background to it. This is what I was asking for earlier in this thread, so happy with that. The background of the Snippet View also appears to not be as white as the main note window. I can clearly see three distinct sections again. I can guarantee that this won't appease everyone, but if this is as good as it's going to get, I'm OK with it. The whole thing is still very pale, but I can see what I'm doing.
  3. You are kidding... sure -it works but you can't look at it for longer that 10 minutes at a time! I fail to see the reference to Yosemite as relevant. Did Apple remove all the colour/color from the UI? Did they decide to notch up the white intensity to the top end of the scale? Did they decide to make the icons so ineffective they might as well not have them? Apple's Yosemite apps looks better for sure, so the Yosemite look hasn't been as successful as hoped. Understand that I'm not saying Evernote's right now, but I don't want it simply reverted to 5.x. Just fix what went wrong here and it's not a huge amount, but what it is is significant.
  4. OK, I was one of the first people to post on this topic within minutes of being updated but I think we need to temper the emotive language and threats. If you're a heavy Evernote user with your whole business and personal life being managed inside it, going elsewhere is not an easy proposition. And frankly, I don't want to. I LOVE Evernote! I've been working extensively on a massive job this last month and Evernote is managing everything for me and it's working great. The visual change definitely needs discriminating colours to offset sections but apart from that I really like the Yosemite style change. On the Snippet View the bold note names and the blue date and Notebook ID stand out nicely. It's just the sidebar that needs a gentle grey offset and not that heavy grey circa v5.x. I've got 5.7.2 on a different machine and it looks (clear but) dated already to me.
  5. Ironically, the App Store is promoting Evernote front and center at the moment, and the screen shots show more contrast in the sidebar section than I'm seeing here on 10.8.5. I agree the very dark background of the sidebar in 5.xx could be improved upon but clearly the message loud and clear is that this is too much. Some of the reaction is bordering on the hysterical though! It's not an absolute train wreck - it's just taken the new aesthetic a little too far. They're reading this, they're getting it. All these threats to walk away - I mean it's $47 per year (here in Australia). No one's been murdered! In fact, my sub just rolled over a few days ago. I'm a premium user not because I need to be, because I was happy on free, but I have so much invested in Evernote and rely on it so much, I wanted to support the development. I also love using it and want to be happy doing so. I'm sure the message is being heard and we'll hear something soon.
  6. Exactly right. It's the lack of distinction/contrast between the sections that's bothering me. Not the actual whiteness as such. The distinction between the sidebar, the snippets and the main work area has gone and they've all almost blurred into one. The immediate reaction to this within hours of the release must indicate that many have reacted adversely to this. I appreciate some like it, so now Evernote have a dilemma on their hands.
  7. Are you on Mavericks or Yosemite? I know there's a lot of discussion about the use of transparency but one of the good things is it adds color to the app which you won't see on Mavericks. [different user here] I'm on Mountain Lion (holding out as it's a pro audio machine) and it's crazy bright with no sensible contrast. Need contrast . . . . .
  8. I got excited when the notes said it was a new Yosemite like theme but it's too bright for me. It just needs a few darker offsets to distinguish the sections a little.
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